About this publication ...
The Art Bin is a magazine for art, literature, music, cultural politics etc. - but in database form. Thus the magazine is at the same its own archive - everything that has been published is available. The most recent uploads are displayed on the homepage. In the section All issues you can also follow the succession of uploads since the start in April 1995.

Editor: Karl-Erik Tallmo, Nisus Publishing, Stockholm, Sweden. You may read the editor's personal résumé. Due to chronic illness on the part of the editor the Art Bin is from the year 2000 unfortunately published irregularly.

Artists, writers and readers are encouraged to contribute. The Art Bin is edited very much in the same way as a printed magazine, so the editor's judgment is conclusive. Send ideas and suggestions through e-mail.

The editor is grateful for reports about technical problems, links that don't work etc.

Note: Most material here is in English, but some is in Swedish, German or French, so please check out the language attribute. Certain texts appear in two languages, but there is no intention of a complete overlap. The idea is rather to include, for instance, important documents in their original languages.

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