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The snow grouse

- Du kom inte på middan i går du.
- Nej, ja va sjuk.
- You didn't show up at the dinner yesterday.
- No, I got sick.
- De va skada. De va en fin midda må du tro.
Först fick vi rysk kaviar.
- What a shame. Was a real fine dinner, y'know.
For starters we had Russian caviare.
Så fick vi sköldpaddssoppa ...
Then we had turtle soup ...
Så kom det Sole à la Margery ...
Then there was Sole à la Margery ...
Så tror jag det va tryfferad oxfilet och så ....
Then I believe we had truffled fillet and after that ...
- ... Säger du snöripa, så slår jag ihjäl dej.
- ... Just say snow grouse, and you're dead!

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