Channa Bankier

Painter, computer artist. Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1947. 1966-1971 studies at Konsthögskolan (The Royal College of Fine Arts) in Stockholm.

Her works can be seen in the permanant collections of the National Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm as well as at several other Swedish and European art museums. In 1981 a film was made about Channa Bankier, "Jag går upp på morgonen med girafferna" ("I rise in the morning with the giraffes") by Agneta Fagerström.

There are two books: "Hemifrån", Öppna Ögon förlag, 1979; and "Tatuerade Inälvor", Carlsson Bokförlag, 1996.

Coming exhibitions: Konstakademien (The Academy of Fine Arts), Stockholm, September 1997, an exhibition entitled "Jaget och Världen" (The Self and the World). An exhibition with computer art will also take place at Galleri Dr Glas in Stockholm in November 1997.

Channa Bankier may be contacted through e-mail: channa.bankier@comzart.pp.se.
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