Marika af Trolle

Painter, video and computer artist. Born in Sweden 1952. 1970-1981 studies at various art schools in Sweden and France. Began making experimental and documentary video films in 1982. Started working with Quantel's Paintbox in 1984. Illustrated classical musical master-pieces for television in 1985, films shown in USA, Ireland, Canada and Japan (Fuji Television Honorary prize). Stage design and production of the Ballet Peer Gynt (choreography: Birgit Cullberg), 1986. Created @art net Mallefougasse in 1996, a web site for artists in Provence. Presently living in La Vulpilliere, Le Tholonet, France.

Selected exhibitions

Marika af Trolle may be contacted through e-mail: art-net@topnet.fr or fax +33-42 66 80 26
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