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Low-budget Hyperbook Tool (Macintosh)

A simple Hypercard tool for making hyperbooks. The stack serves as a shell to fill with your own texts. Links can be made to notes, other pages, PICT-images and QuickTime movies with a simple click of the mouse. There is also a simple feature for importing ASCII text into the stack. Instructions and menues in English.
File: lbhbt.sit.hqx. Size: 151 K.

The Harbor

Betty Ehrenborg: Dagbok med Kisamor 1839
(Betty Ehrenborg: Diary with Kisamor 1839)

This is a fully typographed book - in Swedish - as a PDF file, about the young authoress Ehrenborg's stay with the female natural healer Kisamor. Download and print it on your laserprinter. This book has never before been published and is presented in more detail and readable on-screen in the Origo section. Download the PDF-file

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